Since, there are many ways to get up this way, from the Puget Sound area, the directions will start in the city of Monroe.

If you feel you need more complete directions from your starting point go to Map Quest by clicking HERE.

Once you are on Highway 2 in Monroe head east.

You will go through the towns of Sultan, Startup and Gold Bar. Index is about a 10 minute drive from Gold Bar.

Aside from the highway sign that says "Index" a landmark to look for is the Mt. Index Cafe. It will be on the left hand side of the highway and the left hand turn-off for Index is at that intersection.

You will drive for about 1 mile on this road (Index-Galena Road) until you come around a sharp right hand curve that goes under the railroad tracks, at which time you will see Index across the river accessed by a large bridge (The Wes Smith Bridge).

Once you cross the bridge, take the first right onto Avenue A. Go down a few blocks to 8th Street and you will see our sign on the right hand side, "A Cabin On The Sky".

The cabin is the last house on the river side (south side).

The address is 800 Avenue A.